Lectures and Presentations

Lectures, hosts, and participants of the 2016 Training Workshop on Modelling Climate and Forest Ecosystems in a Changing Climate

The opening panel. From left to right, Dr. Guangyu Wang, Dr. Zuofeng Zuang, Dr. Chen Xiaoming, Dr. Peter Marshall, and Dr. Linsen Zhao

The opening panel

Dr. Guangyu Wang’s opening presentation

Dr. John Inne giving his lecture via Skype on climate change and forest management policy

Dr. Tonlgi Wang, Dr. Peter Marshall, and Dr. Huan-Yu Lin have a discussion during the break.

Workshop participants

Dr. Peter Marshall’s lecture on Forest Inventory

Dr. Peter Marshall

Dr. Tongli Wang’s lecture on ClimateAP

Dr. Tongli Wang and the workshop participants

The group enjoying lunch together

Dr. Brad Seely

Dr. Brad Seely presenting on the FORECAST model

Dr. Haijun Kang

Dr. Brad Seely

Workshop participants

Dr. Lin Cao presenting on LiDAR applications

Dr. Guiliang Liu presenting on the use of artificial intelligence in forestry

Dr. Lin Cao running examples of LiDAR applications

Dr. Futao Guo’s presentation on climate change and forest fire management

Dr. Siti Nurhidayu Abu Bakar presenting the workplan for research conducted at the Malaysian pilot site.

Dr. Sithong Thongmanivong presenting the workplan for the Laos pilot site.

Dr. Huan-Yu Lin’s presentation on the workplan for the Chinese Taipei pilot site.

Ms. Shari Mang giving the workshop’s closing presentation.