Liguo Wang

Liguo (George) Wang
Ph.D/Associate Professor, Jiangxi Agricultural University, China;
Visiting Scholar, Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Forestry, UBCLiguo

Research Interests:
Dr. Wang has been head of the Tourism Department at Jiangxi Agricultural University since 2011. He obtained his Joint Ph.D at Jiangxi Agricultural University and UBC in 2012. His current research is focused on sustainable forest management and eco-tourism in forestry resources management, forest tourism adapting to climate change, and integrated management for river basins. He has been in charge of more than 10 research projects and published more than 30 scientific journal papers and a number of books, including Decision-making Behaviors of the Core Stakeholders on Carbon Offsets and its Influential Factors in Forest-tourism (No. 41361035, Principal Investigator, Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2014.1-2017.12), Research on Low-carbon Tourism Development Strategy of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone (No.10CGL035, Principal Investigator, Funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China, 2011.1-2013.12).