Judi Krzyzanowski

Judi Krzyzanowski
Owner – Krzyzanowski Consulting ON, Canada
Research Associate – Sustainable Forest Management Research Group, University of British Columbia
2045-2424 Main Mall Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4
Email: judik@primus.ca

Research Interests:
An environmental scientist by training, my expertise spans the biological, atmospheric, agricultural, forest and health sciences. I have worked in the fields of air pollution, cumulative impacts, natural resources management, molecular biology, conservation and climate change. I am particularly interested in atmosphere-biosphere interactions at local to global scales and how humans impact, or are impacted by, these interactions. I have experience in using GIS, atmospheric modelling, freshwater systems chemistry, soil science and other techniques to assess complex environmental problems and provide realistic solutions.

Current Research:
I continue to work up in Northeast BC where my PhD research was focused, on issues related to upstream oil and gas and human/environmental health. In Ontario I am conducting small-scale agricultural experiments that seek to provide alternatives to high-input conventional farming. I am also involved in a project in the Asia Pacific region aimed at understanding how climate change will impact forests and forest dependent communities in the region, and how these impacts may be mitigated.

Donald S. McPhee Fellowship, October 2006
Donald S. McPhee Fellowship, October 2005
Simons Foundation DoctoralScholarship, September 2003

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