Yuhao Lu

Yuhao (Bean) Lu 
M.Sc. StudentYuhao
Faculty of Forestry, Forest Resources Management
University of British Columbia
Email: yuhao.lu.ubc@gmail.com

Research interests:
My contribution is to integrate climate change data with a number of forest modeling tools, in particular 3PG and high spatial resolution LiDAR remote sensing to map the future productivity and the geographic distribution of selected tree species in the Asia-Pacific region. Unlike conventional, static growth and yield modelling approaches, 3-PG offers an opportunity to dynamically predict stand growth by integrating climate change and physiological parameters of any given species. LiDAR remote sensing is a powerful tool utilized by natural resource and forest inventory field, providing exceptionally detailed state of current forest stand, and facilitating further modeling tools to better understand stand productivity and forest inventory.


Lu, Y., Coops, N. C., Bolton, D. K., Wang, T., & Wang, G. (2014). Comparing Stem Volume Predictions of Coastal Douglas-Fir Stands in British Columbia Using a Simple Physiological Model and LiDAR Remote Sensing. Forest Science.

Lu, Y., Coops, N. C., Wang, T., & Wang, G. (2015). A Process-Based Approach to Estimate Chinese Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) Distribution and Productivity in Southern China under Climate Change. Forests, 6(2), 360-379.