Phase I terminal evaluation

A terminal evaluation of phase I of the project was held in Vancouver, BC on April 24-26, 2015.


A terminal evaluator and several project team members attended the meeting. The evaluator was Mr. John Oliver Niles from the University of California, San Diego.


Opening presentation
Dean Innes: Project completion presentation and Q/A

Specific presentations and model demonstrations
Tongli Wang: ClimateAP, ecosystem niche modelling, and web tools
Brad Seely: MKRF modelling, Fujian trade-off modeling
Qinglin Li: Carbon modeling and MKRF management trade-off modeling
Yuhao Lu: Chinese fir modeling with 3PG
Guangyu Wang: Network building and climate change adaptation in AP region

Pilot experiment site visit
Brad Seely and John Oliver Niles: Malcolm Knapp Research Forest

DSC01134DSC01142 DSC01144 DSC01146  DSC01163